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Also, check out my LBD Sims. They are up for download in my LBD tag. :P My Sims were reblogged by Hank Green! I died! Matter fact, just check out my Sims 3 tag, period. I like making sim versions of things.

My Walking Dead Game-Inspired simmies

I had so many feels with the end of Season 2 so I made these. This is Season 1 Clem and Lee. ;_;

Hat and hair found in the description of this YouTube video

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The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Ep. 5


I just watched Cry’s playthrough and I’m just sooo sad for Clem.

Damn it, Telltale! *sniffle* the feels just snowballed after Clem got shot. And seeing Lee again :’D…. *sniffle* I thought Clem was gonna die! Because of course she would dream of being with Lee in her final moments. Back to a time where she felt more ‘secure’. I don’t think she’d dream of her parents or the pre-zombie days. She was younger and she probably doesn’t even really remember life before.I know a couple of years isn’t long enough to make you forget, but she’s just been through so much. But she didn’t die, thank goodness.

And her having to kill Kenny was a kick in gut! She had to kill Lee, which was heart-wrenching and now Kenny, which was also very sad. She shouldn’t have to do things like that. :’( I wish I could just scoop Clementine out of the game and into a life where she doesn’t have to make these tough decisions and be a crutch for everyone else around her. She’s like, what, 11? 12? I’m 21 and I don’t think I’m half as persevering as she is!

I didn’t want Luke to die! :’( I wanted to slap the hell out of Bonnie when she blamed Clem for Luke’s death! Like, how DARE she? And how dare she say Clem isn’t expected to do anything because she’s a little girl?! Clem has been the one doing almost everything! And Bonnie was always asking her to do something and Clem would do it! Mike is a back-stabbing mofo! I get that you couldn’t stand Kenny, but running away with all the supplies AND the car? Disgusting. And Arvo. I didn’t expect much from him but he actually shot her. WTF. And they STILL left with him. smh.

And Jane. I don’t like her. I think she manipulated Clem. I’m not disagreeing with Cry for shooting Ken because I yelled at my TV to shoot him, but I still think what Jane did was really messed up. She pushed him to the edge. She led him on. Might he have gone beserk later on? MAYBE. But you can’t just assume, Jane! He could’ve changed with time and the baby. Or if he did go cray, his death would have been his own fault, unprovoked.

Ugh. I can’t even deal with this right now. I’m just so angry that Clem has to be put in these situations. I get that they’re in a horrible world but still :’( Also, I cannot wait for the next season.


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These shows taught me all about animals, science, math, geography, reading, grammar, kindness and friendship. 

This will always be golden 

aww yissss

I can feel the nostalgia ooze into my bloodstream

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don’t hurt BEES. they just want to pollinate flowers and make honey. hurt WASP’s. fuck them and their old money, big mansions, and country clubs

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True Blood Inspired Sims

Lafayette Reynolds

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You need to see it.

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guys:uh why do girls care so much about being skinny? it's so annoying
guys:ew fat chicks
guys:why do girls care so much about shopping and romance and nail polish lol so annoying
guys:ew crazy butch lesbian manly feminazis why can't they act more feminine lol
guys:why do girls wear makeup they look so much better without it
guys:oh i'm so sorry are you sick? tired? dying?
guys:haha girls suck at math/science/sports
guys:a girl who does math/science/sports? well? get back in the kitchen that shits not gonna get you a husband
guys:why are girls so sensitive when we look at their boobs or something c'mon with that top you're asking for it
guys:oh my god a gay guy just hit on me how fucking disgusting what a creeper doesn't he have any boundaries?
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Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

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Well I did 6th grade wrong


Well I did 6th grade wrong

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Living color. Pops of bright hues announce themselves in the backsplash and island countertop of this fun kitchen. 


Living color. Pops of bright hues announce themselves in the backsplash and island countertop of this fun kitchen. 

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This gifset contains the best moment of the series finale.

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True Blood Series Finale

I am satisfied with the ending. Was it sad? Yes. No more True Blood next year. :’(

I can give you a play-by-play of the whole episode, but instead let me give you my favorite stuff about it

When Eric killed the Japanese guards that were gonna kill Sookie and he had their bodies in the back seat of their car and he was all bloody and then he was just jammin’ to the music on the radio LOL. The best moment, hands down.

When Jason said ‘prescription’ instead of ‘perspective’ I died. Bless his heart.

When Sarah wanted Pam to turn her and Pam was like -_- nope.

When Arlene was like gawking at Bill’s house LOL and when she forgot to turn off the music

While I don’t like that Bill pulled the ‘I’m dying but I wanna see you wed before I go’ card, I did like the wedding itself. It was sooo adroable and intimate. And also, Jess looked stunning!

Jason fixing Hoyt’s tie. :D I was like “Yesss! They’re besties again”

I like that Gran returned. I forgot all about her lol. She was so nice.

The dress Sookie wore to the wedding was soooooo cute! I want it!

The fact that Sookie stayed a fairy. She was right. That is a part of hered.

Eric and Pam’s infomercial for New Blood LOL

When Steve Newlin came back to haunt Sarah Newlin. She totally got what she deserved.

The fact that Sookie was able to move on with her life. And I am really glad that they didn’t show her new man’s face. Because it really didn’t matter who he was.

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